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Discover Aston Norwood, your premier choice for hosting an array of functions in Wellington. Our two dedicated event spaces set the stage for a variety of occasions, from celebratory weddings to corporate gatherings and team-building activities. The exquisite Gatsby Ballroom exudes grandeur, boasting a spacious layout with a lofty ceiling and tiered flooring, accommodating 150-180 guests. Enhancing the experience, the Ballroom opens onto a graceful balcony offering panoramic views of lush gardens and the majestic Tararua Ranges. For more intimate gatherings, the Remutaka Room accommodates up to 60 guests, making it ideal for conferences, weddings, or elegant high teas, and seamlessly connects to the outdoor courtyard.

Throughout the changing seasons, Aston Norwood’s grounds remain a sight to behold, with vibrant spring cherry blossoms and the captivating palette of autumn leaves. Elevating your experience, we offer immersive onsite activities like archery and clay bird shooting, tailored for memorable team-building adventures that complement your event. Count on Aston Norwood’s dedicated team to curate your event menu with expertise, ensuring a culinary journey that aligns with the occasion’s significance. Unveil the epitome of function spaces in Wellington with Aston Norwood and let us transform your gatherings into unforgettable memories.

Clay Bird Shooting

Elevate your team building experience near the captivating Martinborough winery district with an exhilarating round of clay bird shooting. Engage in this exciting outdoor activity that fosters camaraderie, communication, and friendly competition among your colleagues. Amidst the picturesque backdrop of the Martinborough region, your team can unwind and bond while honing their shooting skills. Whether you’re novices or seasoned marksmen, the thrill of hitting clay targets against the scenic vista adds a unique and unforgettable dimension to your team-building efforts. Create lasting memories and strengthen connections in the midst of nature’s beauty and the excitement of clay bird shooting near the Martinborough winery district.

Archery...are you ready?

Experience the thrill of archery amidst the natural beauty of our venue’s gardens. Our archery range provides an exciting opportunity for both beginners and seasoned archers to test their skills and aim for the bullseye. With professional instructors to guide you, you can learn the art of precision, focus, and control while surrounded by the tranquility of our lush outdoor setting. It’s a unique and invigorating activity that adds an adventurous twist to your visit, making it an ideal choice for individuals, groups, or families looking to connect with nature and embrace the challenge of hitting the mark in the heart of our picturesque gardens.

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Elevate your upcoming event by choosing Aston Norwood as your premier venue, nestled in close proximity to the renowned Martinborough winery district. Our exquisite setting offers a seamless blend of natural beauty and sophisticated elegance, providing an exceptional backdrop for weddings, celebrations, corporate gatherings, and more. With meticulous attention to detail, our dedicated team will craft a memorable experience tailored to your event’s unique vision and purpose. Whether you’re seeking to celebrate amidst the charm of the Martinborough winery district or create a corporate retreat infused with tranquility and inspiration, Aston Norwood promises an unforgettable occasion that captures the essence of your aspirations.

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